Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, is an integrated global pharmaceutical and life sciences Company engaged in manufacture and supply of APIs, Solid Dosage Formulations, Radiopharmaceuticals, Allergy Therapy Products and Life Science Ingredients.

It also provides services in Contract Manufacturing of Sterile Injectables and Drug Discovery. The Company's success so far is an outcome of its strategic focus on the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry, moving up the pharmaceutical value chain for products and services across geographies, constantly investing in various growth platforms and promoting a culture of innovation.

At Jubilant Life Sciences, the Company is engaged in continuous improvement of products and processes to enhance the quality of production and cost competitiveness in order to build value for its customers. The Company serves its customers globally with sales in more than 100 countries and ground presence in India, North America, Europe, Singapore and China. It is well recognized as a ‘Partner of Choice’ by leading life sciences companies worldwide. Jubilant has relationship with 19 of Top 20 pharmaceutical companies and 6 out of the top 10 agrochemical companies across the globe.

Over the years, Jubilant Life Sciences has extended its footprint beyond India in the USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries across the globe. The Company has also expanded the business by building capabilities internally, through strategic expansions and acquisitions, resulting in a network of 7 world class manufacturing facilities in India and 4 in North America and a team of around 8000 people across the globe with ~ 2400 in North America and ~1100 in R&D.

Jubilant Life Sciences multi-location presence helps it getting closer to customers and serve them better with the best in class products developed most efficiently, economically with speed to market.

Jubilant's progress in diverse businesses has been made possible through the contribution of R&D; for quality, non-infringing process for product development and cost reduction through process innovation. Innovation at Jubilant is backed by strong chemistry, bio science expertise and the knowledge bank created over the years. The Company has harnessed its strengths – a strong R&D team, modern R&D facilities, command over cheap technologies and economies of scale into a synergistic organic entity, continuously creating and nurturing high quality products and technologies.

In line with its continued focus on sustainability of its business, Jubilant aims at improving stakeholder value through improved eco efficient use of capital and natural resources. The Company’s approach to sustainable development focuses on the triple bottom line of Economics, Environment and Social performance. It is committed and working on various areas for energy conservation and climate change mitigation. Jubilant’s sustainability efforts have been reported through a Corporate Sustainability Report since 2003 and this report has been receiving GRI G3.1 A+ level & GRI Check, (FY 2007-2015), from FY 2016 the company publishes this report in line with latest GRI G4 guidelines.

This reflects Jubilant’s commitment towards sustainable development and continued efforts directed towards protecting the environment wherever it operates.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of how Jubilant conducts business and its efforts are directed towards community development through focus on primary education, basic healthcare service, and livelihood generation programs focused on improving the employability of women and local youth.

The Company has been recognised with several awards and recognitions, which bear testimony to its commitment towards operational excellence, innovation, corporate governance and social responsibility.

Jubilant is committed to leverage innovation and its scale of operations at every step of the pharmaceutical value chain to deliver value to Company’s stakeholders.


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