Jubilant MotorWorks, is engaged in sales and After sales of Audi Cars through the state-of-the-art facility in 2 regions in South and 1 region in West, namely Bengaluru, Chennai & Pune


The Company started its Indian operations in 2006 based in Bengaluru as an importer for the southern market. Between 2007 and 2014, JMPL partnered with Audi India and opened dealerships across Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune.


  • JMPL is highly process driven and deploys several management practices such as lean and 6 sigma.
  • It boasts of state of the art infrastructure and has invested about 45 crores in showroom and service centers to provide delightful experiences to customers.
  • The company has a vision to take the turnover to 3000 crores by growing with the existing brand, acquiring distribution rights of new brands in auto luxury car industry and identifying other opportunities in the auto sector.
  • The company frequently promotes customer engagement and brand exposure through golf tournaments, international brand launches, visits to auto shows, 24 hour Le Mans race.


The team at JMPL is a unique blend of highly qualified professionals from various industries and sectors. The team has created benchmarks internally amongst the Audi family and externally in the auto retail industry. The bright minds are various from institutes such as the IITs, IIMs & other top B schools. This list includes the CA and ACS professionals, engineers and other graduates as well.


The company contributes to 14% of India volumes of Audi India and enjoys a dominant market share between 38-40% amongst the luxury car markets it operates. JMPL targets to grow organically and through new markets to 20% of Audi India volumes by 2016.

Luxury car market witnessed a CAGR of 51% & JMPL volumes had a CAGR of 60% for the same period (FY09 -FY14). Jubilant is the only corporate among the family of partners with Audi India.

Its turnover grew meteorically from 107 Crores in FY10 to 657 Crores in FY 14 (forecasted) and it’s a profitable business.


  • Best aftersales partner
  • Best sales man award for 2 years consecutively
  • Audi Chennai -  Twin Cup runner up in 2013
  • Employee from Audi Chennai technical team chosen to represent Audi India in the Audi Twin Cup World Championship in Germany.

Audi Pune

Audi Pune has been an authorized channel partner for Audi Cars in Pune and surrounding regions since 19th March 2008. Keeping the customer happy is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Our mission is to exceed the expectation of our customers every single time may it be Sales, Service, Spares or Safety riding.

The pleasure of buying an AUDI Car starts the moment you make the first call. Friendly experts assist you and let you enjoy the process in deciding which vehicle to buy. Based on schedules everything is done to ensure that your vehicle arrives at your doorstep on time.

What’s more, all this comes at a price that’s reasonable. In addition to this, guarantee of genuine spare and International standard after sales service are maintained. Audi Pune has a team of professional technicians trained at Audi training centres to provide total vehicle care and consultancy.

  • Inception – March’ 2008
  • JMPL Takeover – November’2014

The upcoming Audi Terminal comprising Sales, Service and Spares (3S) at Baner will be the new destination for luxury cars. Scheduled to be inaugurated by Feb 2015, the facility can display 18 cars and service up to 15 cars at any time.

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