• 24 April 2020

    Jubilant Bhartia Group Contributes Rupees 10 Crore to PM Cares Fund

    Jubilant Bhartia Group, in a press statement, said that it has contributed Rupees 10 Crores to PM Cares fund to support Government of India’s initiatives in mitigating the COVID-19 crisis.

    Two group companies: Jubilant Foodworks Limited (one of the largest food service companies in India and master franchise of Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin' Donuts) and Jubilant Life Sciences Limited (an integrated global pharmaceuticals and life sciences company) contributed Rupees 5 Crores each to the fund. The contribution of Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, along with all its subsidiaries, includes one day gross salary of its 5300 employees.

    The Jubilant Bhartia Group companies are committed to support the Government, both central & states, in controlling the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spirit of the Group’s promise of Caring, Sharing, Growing. Jubilant Bhartia Foundation (JBF), a not-for-profit organization of the Group, has taken several measures at the grassroots level in the areas of health & safety, food & ration distribution, sanitization, communication, medical & medicine, distribution of PPEs and support to the administration across various locations.

    JBF is distributing sanitizer manufactured by Jubilant Life Sciences Limited within the community, to healthcare workers and the Government at both central and state level. Food and medicine distribution (ready to eat food packets and dry ration) is also being undertaken to the vulnerable community members like migrant labourers, pregnant women, senior citizens, children at various places in the country. JBF is facilitating the stitching of reusable cotton masks at various sites in the country through Self Help Groups (SHGs). These masks are washable and reusable and the Foundation has been providing the raw material for them.

    Additionally, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited has been providing PPE kits and food distribution for the impacted citizens and Police staff. It has also leveraged its Domino’s delivery team and supply chain network for distribution of Essential commodities like flour, milk etc. to help citizens get their daily needs in the safety of their homes.

  • 15 March 2010

    HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing and Draxis Pharma complete successful FDA, PMDA and HC audits

    Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. March 15, 2010 - Jubilant Organosys, a leading integrated pharma and life sciences company headquartered in India, announced today that two of its contract manufacturing facilities in North America successfully completed regulatory authority cGMP audits, recently. HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing, based in Spokane Washington, U.S.A, completed a successful audit by the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) for the review of a sterile injectable client product. Draxis Pharma, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, also completed a successful audit by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada.


    The audit by the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) revealed no significant observations, which has resulted in a recommendation to the MHLW that Hollister-Stier be listed as an approved manufacturing site for the client's product. Independent of the PMDA audit, the HollisterStier facility was also recently approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as a manufacturing site for this same product.

    Draxis Pharma

    The audit of Draxis Pharma by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) included a comprehensive cGMP review of both sterile parenteral and non-sterile semi-solid manufacturing capabilities and a Pre-Approval Inspection for three client products. No observations were received from this audit. Recommendations for site approvals for the three new client products are expected. The audit of Draxis Pharma by Health Canada focused on a cGMP review of a dedicated packaging capability and revealed no significant audit observations.

    Marcelo Morales, CEO of HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing and Draxis Pharma, said "We are extremely pleased with the audit findings at both our HollisterStier and Draxis Pharma facilities. Maintaining a rigorous quality culture and robust quality systems, combined with effectively managing our clients' projects, assures the success of these projects in the global market place."

    About Jubilant Organosys

    Jubilant Organosys Limited., an integrated pharmaceutical industry player, is the largest custom research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) out of India. The company has a presence across the pharmaceutical value chain for providing products and services such as proprietary products, exclusive synthesis, active pharmaceutical ingredients, contract manufacturing of sterile injectables & non-sterile products, radiopharmaceuticals, generic dosage forms, drug discovery services, medicinal chemistry services, clinical research services, Life Science Chemicals, Nutrition Ingredients and Health Care. The Company also manufactures Agri and Performance Polymer products. For more information please visit :

    About HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing and DRAXIS Pharma

    HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing and DRAXIS Pharma are separately branded contract manufacturing organizations that joined capabilities and services under the ownership of Jubilant Organosys. HollisterStier is a global manufacturing service provider, able to aseptically fill liquid and lyophilized products at their Spokane, Washington, U.S.A., facility and DRAXIS Pharma offers manufacturing services for sterile liquid and sterile and non-sterile semi-solid dosage forms at their Montreal, Quebec, Canada, facility. Manufacturing facilities for solid dosage forms are also available in the United States and India through HollisterStier and DRAXIS.

     Both organizations offer highly-skilled, cross-functional teams to provide custom solutions to customer-specific project goals from development through commercialization. HollisterStier and DRAXIS are committed to providing exceptional quality, regulatory expertise and operational excellence to ensure streamlined processes and services in all facilities. For more information about HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing, please visit and for more information about DRAXIS Pharma, visit

    HollisterStier-Draxis Pharma
    Media Inquiries:
    Shannon Jordan

  • 10 June 2008

    HollisterStier Laboratories LLC and DRAXIS Specialty Pharmaceuticals

    UTTAR PRADESH, India, October 6, 2008- Jubilant Organosys Limited, parent company to HollisterStier Laboratories and DRAXIS Specialty Pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce the strategic alignment of the organizations.

    Both HollisterStier and Draxis are leaders in the manufacturing services and specialty pharmaceutical products industries and, together with Jubilant, have outlined a cohesive operating strategy that will leverage the capabilities of the organizations. Jubilant has put in place a leadership team to spearhead this alignment which is aimed to broaden the capacity, capability and services offered to clients.

    Marcelo Morales has been named Chief Executive Officer for the Contract Manufacturing organizations that will be inclusive of the sterile injectables manufacturing arm of HollisterStier and the sterile and non-sterile manufacturing operation of DRAXIS.

    DRAXIS' current Chief Executive Officer, Jean Pierre Robert, has been named CEO for the Specialty Pharmaceutical organization, under which the well established imaging technologies of DRAXIS and Allergy Therapeutics of HollisterStier will fall.

    "These changes are expected to result in exciting opportunities for our combined organizations as well as our clients," said Jubilant Organosys Chairman & Managing Director, Shyam Bhartia. "Providing continued innovation and expanding our breadth of services and locations helps us ensure that our customers receive the level of quality, flexibility and expertise that the market demands."

    About Jubilant Organosys Limited

    Jubilant Organosys Limited is an integrated pharmaceutical industry player and is one of the largest custom research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) and drug discovery and development services companies out of India. The company has a presence across the pharmaceutical value chain for products and services such as proprietary products, exclusive synthesis, active pharmaceutical ingredients, contract manufacturing of sterile injectables (liquids and lyophilized) products, non-steriles (ointments, creams and liquid) and radiopharmaceuticals, drug discovery services, medicinal chemistry services, clinical research services, generic dosage forms and Health Care. Headquartered in India, the company has more than 4,300 employees across organizations in India, North America, Europe and China, with four manufacturing locations in India, one in Canada and two in the United States. For more information about Jubilant Organosys Limited, visit :

    About HollisterStier Laboratories

    HollisterStier Laboratories LLC provides a complete range of services to support the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. HollisterStier's Contract Manufacturing division provides state-of-the-art clinical through commercial aseptic liquid fill/finish and lyophilization services to global markets.

    HollisterStier Allergy Therapeutics is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of allergenic extracts, targeted primarily at treating allergies and asthma. HollisterStier is owned by Jubilant Organosys Limited and is based in Spokane, Washington, USA. For further information about HollisterStier Laboratories, visit :

    About DRAXIS Health Inc.

    DRAXIS Health Inc., through its wholly owned operating subsidiary, DRAXIS Specialty Pharmaceuticals Inc. (DSPI), provides products in three categories: sterile products, non-sterile products and radiopharmaceuticals. Sterile products include liquid and freeze-dried (lyophilized) injectables plus sterile ointments and sterile creams. Non-sterile products are produced as solid oral dosage forms (tablets and capsules) and as semi-solid dosage forms (ointments and creams). Radiopharmaceuticals are used for both therapeutic and diagnostic molecular imaging applications. Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services are provided through the DRAXIS Pharma division of DSPI and radiopharmaceuticals are developed, produced, and sold through the DRAXIMAGE division of DSPI. Consolidated operations are located in Montreal, Canada. For more information about DRAXIS, visit :

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